Cornetti in 3 pieces

Although they are not widely know to the public (and they are a rarity compared to the amount of one-piece cornetti) there are several original instruments built in three pieces.

Even more, as these pictures of original instruments show some of them were even made at the beginning of the 19th century!

Straight cornetti in three pieces are very similar in therms of sound and range to curved cornetti. The actual main difference is the way one must hold them in order to play.

The fact of making instruments in three pieces opens a range of new and very interesting possibilities, such as stretching the instrument in order to lower its pitch (by more than a quarter tone) or being the perfect hand-luggage instrument.

"Mute" top pieces are also available (see "Mute cornetti" and video below).

3D-print also allows for non historical (but very practical) curved soprano cornetti in three pieces, like the one in the pictures below.

Curved cornetti in three pieces make for a practical compromise between „normal looking“ when assembled and easiness of transport. From a certain distance it’ll become difficult to spot the joints at all.

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