Instruments for smaller hands

Cornetti require large hands in general, particularly for the extension between left thumb and ring finger. This problem/challenge has become even more difficult with the modern tendency to use „super size me“ soprano cornetti in 440 Hz. (while the vast majority of soprano instruments in museums are at 466 Hz. or higher and are accordingly smaller).

Players with small hands will find it difficult to play even a „small“ cornetto (in 466 or 492 Hz.) but even players used to tenor recorders or similar „big“ instruments will be seriously challenged by a 440 Hz. instrument. 440 instruments are arguably a bad idea to begin with if we consider that they are not historical, that the resulting instrument is acoustically not as effective as a smaller one (no wonder they chose not to make bigger soprano instruments in the renaissance) and that they require a long hand stretch.

Not even 3D printing magic can make the miracle of creating a perfectly comfortable to play 440 Hz. instrument but using the medium‘s flexibility to make extreme undercutting for the finger holes we can get close to that.

Using steeply angled undercutting we have created a 440 instrument which demands less extension between the fingers specially thought for people who have difficulties in playing large cornetti.

The resulting instrument is a practical compromise between optimal acoustics and ergonomics. At any case, if you are looking for a comfortable alternative for your hands we also invite you to consider a smaller instrument (for instance a 492 instrument, which works as a one tone transposition instrument from 440), a cornetto light or a cornetto with keys.

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