Mute cornetti

The „mute“ cornetto is the softer element of the cornetto family. It is made of a single straight piece of wood and it has an embouchure already carved in it, which produces a mellower sound, particularly when the embouchure has a „V“ shaped curve instead of a trumpet-type cup. Surviving museum instruments show both options were used although.

The most popular version of the mute cornetto is tuned in F, one tone lower than the soprano cornetto, which makes it even sweeter with a predilection for flat keys. The G mute cornetto (tuned like a soprano), may be less popular nowadays but there are several surviving renaissance instruments in that size.

SAM 225 mute cornetto from the Vienna collection

The body of our mute cornetti is made from the same material than the soprano cornetti and the embouchure is made of a 3D-printed mix between plastic and ceramic (the same material of our mouthpieces).

The large size of mute cornetti in F doesn’t allow (yet) them to be printed in a single piece and therefore they are printed in two pieces glued together near the lower end.

Due to the large size of this 3D print, internal material tensions tend to bend it slightly after production, which actually also happens to most wooden instruments as well.

Mute cornetto in three pieces vs normal straight cornetto in three pieces.

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