Soprano Cornetto Light

Basel on the experimentation looking for more efficient shapes done for the Perfetto development, the cornetto light is a soprano cornetto with a twisted shape that fits more comfortably human hands as well as having much thinner walls than what would be possible to produce through traditional methods, which makes it much more comfortable altogether.

The cornetto light plays like a normal soprano cornet to in terms of fingerings and mouthpieces.

Due to its thinner walls, the cornetto light weights almost a third less than our standard soprano cornetti (ca. 115 gr. vs ca. 155 gr. for 440 Hz. models), which may not seem a lot but does make a difference, as any experienced player knows well.

Due to its 7-sided shape (instead of the traditional 8) and the way the spiral turns towards your hands, the cornetto light is much friendlier to hold than standard cornetti and can also be considered as an alternative for smaller hands.

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